Comparison of the best middleware on the market

June 18, 2021

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It's no secret that cloud integration is one of the main challenges facing businesses today. In order to meet the growing need for secure and reliable cloud integration solutions, Rootstack has begun offering integration services known as Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), which works as a middle layer or middleware between different types of platforms.


The iPaas (Integration Platform as a Service) are Cloud platforms that integrate the different applications and data generated in an enterprise. The importance of this technology lies in the fact that it enables the business ecosystem to overcome realities such as the fragmentation of information and the use of systems in the cloud and on the premises. The advances made thanks to the Cloud have made it a tool of the future, at the service of a more versatile and competitive scenario than the on-premise.


About Rootnet...


A few months ago we released Rootnet Integrator, an iPaaS platform, which is part of our Rootnet Suite. With the Integrator module, you can link two different solutions, as well as make different types of inputs and outputs such as Request, Transform, Iterator, Script, among others. We have tested it internally and this blog will compare it with other solutions in the market.


Rootnet vs Workato - SnapLogic - Informatica - Zapier - Celigo




As functionalities were taken into account not only the integrations but also the bots, RPA, Data Hub, and Processes. These functionalities are what differentiate these products because contacting a master table allows them to manage information between different platforms, store and create processes around these systems to run easily.


In this first round, we can see that the strongest competition is Workato for having all the functionalities. Rootnet, on the other hand, allows us to handle the most essential functionalities such as the API Platform, RPA, and Processes, even in the future new functionalities will be implemented giving it an added value.






Integrations are the foundation of all middleware, so it is important to know how far we can go. Handling different types of integrations is a plus for many companies, but many functionalities can become obsolete when there are limits and you don't allow users to interact with the platform at will.


Here Rootnet takes the assault, to have more flexible plans that allow the user to choose from a range of possibilities and make a decision according to their specific needs, which translates into an administration of the platform.






The UX has become a differentiator among technology platforms because it should be easy to interact with them for any type of user from an advanced to a beginner. This can be perceived, who likes more the look and feel of one or the other. The important thing is that usability is simple.


The different modules of Rootnet, as well as the Integrator, have this aspect more than resulted, with a simple, friendly, and functional design, where with a few clicks you can manage the platform without having to learn a complete manual for the use.






All platforms have a test or trial option according to estimated time. The difference in iPaaS platforms to other types of middleware is of course the option to manage all their functions in the Cloud, which means you can save the cost of buying physical servers and maintaining them over time.


Rootnet in addition to handling the cloud version can have this option to handle hybrid by doing an installation on physical servers and manage the platform easily. Of course, this means that we must do a review and adaptation to servers for the Rootnet Integrator to run properly.




Are you ready to implement Rootnet?


Integrator's platform gives an extra value to all your company's solutions from CRM, to ERP and more! Considering how expensive it can be to develop custom APIs for each solution the Integrator can be a fast and low-cost option. Check out more product information here. If you are interested in coordinating a call with one of our consultants contact us here.




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