Elasticsearch: Accessible information for your business needs

June 18, 2021

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There is an incredible amount of data floating around cyberspace every minute, every day. In other words, data is being created and stores every minute. So, how do companies search through it to find what they want and offer users what they need? They use Elasticsearch, which is open-source software that makes massive amounts of structured and unstructured data usable for search, logging, analytics and much more.


Go through a huge amount of data in just a few seconds with Elasticsearch


Think about Elasticsearch as a personal Google that focuses on searching both text and numbers, allowing you to do two main things. Firstly, you can quickly search and find what you’re looking for within your firewall and your company’s fields. Secondly, it enables a search option that users can easily use to navigate your platform or website. Think about this, Elasticsearch stores a vast amount of data every time someone uses a platform or website so that you can analyze it for your usage and benefit.




Advantages to consider


  • Used by all the top companies and platforms in the world

Platforms such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Uber, Tinder, and Verizon and even NASA use Elasticsearch for various things, all regarding the storage and massive databases searching.


  • Integrate a search feature to your platform

With Elasticsearch, you can enable a search feature integrated to your existing platform, allowing users to easily navigate your website and find what they are looking for instantly.


  • Search for all types of data

Elasticsearch is a flexible search engine that can successfully go through structured and unstructured data within a couple of seconds, saving you precious time by automating this process. Elastic search allows both users and collaborators within your organization to do real-time indexing search and analytics all day, every day.


  • Do more than just search for information

Elasticsearch isn’t limited to search for information. Elasticsearch is an open-source searching engine that can be used for two main types of applications and users. It can be used for developers when creating internal systems or applications focused on IT operations, Application Management and Security Analytics. It can also be used for business users in external systems or applications based on a website, internal/intranet or URL searches.


Working with an experienced partner


Rootstack can help your company incorporate Elasticsearch and facilitate information and data handling to power your business, improve agility, increase efficiency and business opportunities. Work together with our expert team of developers who can start leading your digital goals right away.


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