The advantages of working with our IT staff augmentation firm

June 01, 2023

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it staff augmentation firm

During the last 12 years, Rootstack has stood out as a company committed to supporting companies in their digital transformation through its IT staff augmentation firm. Through this approach, we have provided efficient and specialized solutions to meet the needs of highly skilled technical personnel in the information technology industry.


By working closely with our clients, we have gained a deep understanding of the unique challenges businesses face on their journey to digitalization and have provided a highly-skilled team of professionals to overcome those obstacles.


Whether it is for software development, the implementation of cloud solutions or the creation of mobile applications, Rootstack has demonstrated its experience and commitment in providing innovative solutions adapted to the specific needs of each company.


Our IT Staff Augmentation firm has been a trusted partner for companies on their digital transformation journey, helping them achieve their strategic goals and stay ahead in an ever-evolving business environment.



it staff augmentation firm



Advantages of working with Rootstack, IT Staff Augmentation firm in USA & Latam

We work focused on the result

Our team of experienced software developers not only take care of effective planning of the entire software development cycle, but also focus on the most optimal results, the highest quality. Our IT Staff Augmentation firm focuses on delivering tangible results, meeting client goals and objectives. We are committed to delivering successful projects in a timely manner, providing effective and quality solutions.


We have experience in digital transformations

With more than a decade supporting companies in their digital transformation, we have experience addressing different contexts and business scenarios. We can provide strategic advice and tailored solutions to help companies adapt and make the most of the latest technologies and industry best practices.

it staff augmentation firm

Wide geographic coverage

For Rootstack, being present is not a problem. We have offices and collaborators in more than 17 countries around the world, between the USA, Canada & Latam. We can provide our services to clients wherever they are, regardless of the country or continent. This is especially beneficial for companies with international operations, as they can work with a trusted partner in different geographic locations. Read more about: Characteristics of a good nearshore software development company


We offer experienced talent

All of the above points are important, but so is talent. Our IT Staff Augmentation firm has the most talented technical professionals, with 90% acceptance from our global clients. By working with them, companies have access to top-quality talent who can contribute their expertise and experience to ongoing projects. They are trained both to create a web page and to work with APIs and artificial intelligence.

it staff augmentation firm

We adapt easily

If something characterizes our IT Staff Augmentation firm, it is the flexibility of all our software developers and the scalability that we can bring to your systems and processes. We quickly adapt to your internal team and the project that is underway, without the need for extra training.


Steps to hire our IT Staff Augmentation firm

1. Initial meeting

You will get to know our team and our culture. Assertive communication and teamwork are our pillars in the company.


2. Planning

We will talk about everything related to the methodologies and expectations in the management of each project and the delivery of results.

it staff augmentation firm

3. Selection of profiles

In this stage, the best profiles are selected to work on your project, according to the requirements of your business.


4. Execution

The execution of the project begins. We work with weekly sprints and Scrum meetings to track the progress of the project.


Do you need an IT Staff Augmentation firm to develop your business? At Rootstack, we have +12 years of experience supporting companies in their digital transformation. Contact us!


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