Java 17: The new features that come with the latest update of this language

February 18, 2022

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Java is one of the most used programming languages ​​in recent years and with which most of the web pages that served as a fundamental part of the establishment of the Internet as a vital medium for the world have been created. It has already reached its latest version, number 17, and in this article, we will tell you about some of its functions.


Changes and new features in Java 17


Let's start by talking about what can affect the daily lives of developers:


Restore floating-point semantics


This new functionality makes floating operations considered strict. Thus, this type of operation guarantees that we obtain the same results as with other floating operations on all platforms.


Improved auto-generation of random numbers


With this improvement of the programming language, it was possible to provide the user with new interface possibilities and ways to use the auto-generation of random numbers, this makes it easier to use different and interchangeable algorithms and also provides better support for programming-based sequences.


Better rendering on macOS


Improved the internal 2D render pipe on macOS after Apple removed the OpenGL API. There were no changes to existing APIs.


Removal of API Applet


After the most widely used internet browsers in the world removed support for Java plugins, now with the recent update the Applet API has completely disappeared.


The internal components of JDK are hermetically encapsulated


With the removal of the illegal access flag, a firm step is taken towards the encapsulation of JDK's internal components.


The removal of the experimental AOT and JIT compiler


Introduced in Java version 9 and 10 respectively, these compilers were expensive to maintain, so Java 17 removed them from the platform, but developers can still use them using GraalVM.


The ability to disable the security manager for removal


One of the features to be removed in Java 17. The security manager served the purpose of protecting client-side Java code.


These, among others, are the features of Java 17 that most caught the attention of Rootstack developers, who use this powerful programming language almost daily in the creation of websites and mobile applications.


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