Outsourcing technology trends that marked 2018

June 18, 2021

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The year is about to end, as we approach the final months of 2018, we thought it would be a good idea to slow down a take a look at the outsourcing technology trends that marked this year.


In this blog/report we are going to talk about software outsourcing, and how the way we perceive it has actually changed throughout the year, and what trends can we expect to keep on seeing during 2019.


If you would like a little background on Outsourcing before reading this report, you might want to check our blog about Outsourcing on the numbers, and find out how well the IT market has been doing for the last couple of years. That being said, let’s begin!


1: Latin America Software Outsourcing


Ever since the outsourcing boom began, India has always been one of the most popular countries to get your internal processes outsourced, with many countries choosing to outsource their software development processes to India.


However, this has changed. According to Stack Overflow, in a study, over a million programmers are based on Latin America, with countries such like Brazil, Mexico and Argentina representing the top outsourcing countries in the region.


Furthermore, Latin america software outsourcing has been the fastest growing outsourcing destination in the world, at least according to a study made by flatworld, in which they clearly show Latin America has become an extremely popular destination for those looking for a software solution.


2: Nearshore software development


Look back a couple of years and you’ll realize most companies tend to resource to offshore software development most of the time. With companies from the US and Canada outsourcing their services to companies from India or any other Asian countries.


This, however, has drastically changed in the last few years, with more and more companies picking nearshore software development over offshore due to the many benefit it represents.


Now, we aren’t going to talk about the benefits of nearshore outsourcing, if you want to read about that, you should check out our other blog. Instead, we are going to show some statistics on this matter.


If you look at the report made by Nearshore Technology, you can see the nearshore sector grow from only 23% to 67% from 2011 to 2016, keeping a constant growth through the last year as well, becoming one of the main types of outsourcing.


3: Cloud computing


Defined as programs, platforms and services that are based on the cloud, this form of technology has been around for quite some time now, however, it has significantly picked up during this year.


Everyday there are more and more companies that need software programs to be cloud-based, meaning they don’t have to download or install anything to their computer or devices, but rather have access to these platforms through the internet.


According to a report made by statista, the cloud computing market made approximately 130bn USD only in 2017, with a growth over 21% during this 2018 (and the year hasn’t even ended yet!)


4: Process automation


Process automation simply refers to the concept of making a boring, often difficult and long task into something that can be done automatically by a software computer system.


This year, more and more companies have chosen to automate several internal processes in order to increase their productivity and be able to cut costs and focus on main core activities within their own enterprises.


What they choose to outsource is completely up to them, however, the use of platforms like CRM and Intranets are on the growth, since they help automating processes such as assigning tasks and following up with multiple different clients.


5: Long-term working relationships


Last, but not least, numbers shows that companies are choosing to stick around with their software outsourcing provider, turning their one-time collaboration into a regular, long-term working relationship.


As a matter of fact, according to a report made by Outsourcing Insight, a rise of virtual employment was obvious during 2018, and will continue to grow during the upcoming year!


Without a doubt, we can expect to see a lot of these IT outsourcing services to be present during 2019 as well, but keep your eyes open, we never know what new technologies might come next year.


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