What are the requirements for the development of a new product?

November 11, 2022

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Developing a product is not a simple or quick task. You must take the time to think carefully about what you want, cover the needs of the client and also take into account what the user requires to be satisfied.


This entire process carries with certain requirements that, while not all development teams must follow rigorously, it is advisable that they adhere to them so that the product, whether it is a software product or a commercial product, is successful and meets the initial expectations.


Requirements to develop a new product


Have a clear idea


Whether collecting customer requirements in detail or taking into account the data acquired after a market study, the development team must have a clear idea of ​​the product. Then, it must be presented to the client, if applicable, and have their approval in order to start with what follows.


Define the product


Once the idea is approved by the client or by the development leader, the product must be defined and the basic functionalities completely necessary for its use must be listed. In addition to this, you start with the marketing plan.


software development


Assemble the team


A development team must have experts for each area of ​​product creation. Typically, you need to have backend and frontend developers, UI/UX designers, project managers to keep an eye on deadlines and customer communication, plus a DevOps or QA engineer to test the product and detect any error in time, for its prompt solution.




After having the idea and the final product clear, the development team must come up with a working prototype to be tested by both the client and a group of end users. With this, missing functions, aspects of the product that lack optimization and errors can be detected, in order to focus on a successful final product.


Define details and corrections


This requirement is the one that follows the suggestions after the prototype test. The developers, in addition to the designer or designers, should focus on implementing the suggestions given by the client and users in the product, in addition to finishing polishing other details that were left out of the last stage.


Validate and test final product


When the software product is already created, it must be tested for accuracy. This can be done by the DevOps of the team, a position that is currently being one of the most sought after for the creation of software and as a member of development teams.


According to data provided by Statista, in 2022, 47% of software agencies used DevOps for product development, both for practicality and at the request of clients, who trust these experts. Reasons for choosing this method are faster time to market, security, code quality, and also better communication and collaboration between developers.


software development


Benefits of a new software product


For companies, it is essential to have a presence in the technological world, it is no longer enough to have a basic web page or an account on social networks where advertising is done. An eCommerce site or mobile app is the way to go.


People are constantly on their phones or mobile devices, since these are not only to communicate but also a source of information and from where all daily processes are handled, for example: banking, organizing doctor's appointments, shopping lists and others. Having a mobile application puts the company in direct contact with customers or users, they will be able to immediately access the functions that interest them, as well as being able to consult any information that interests them.


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