Top technical skills in software developers

November 08, 2022

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Every company has a new software project in mind to enhance its flows and processes. Even if they have recently implemented a platform or software, constant improvement defines the dynamics of business today, due to the rapid advancement of technology. And in this, software developers are key.


And it is that software developers are the ones who shape all the ideas that company directors have in mind about their new website, accounting system, ERP, service desk, or any digital solution that they require at the moment.


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  • Software Developer Statistics
  • Top technical skills in software developers


Software Developer Statistics


While in 2019 the population of software developers stood at 26.4 million worldwide, in 2023 this figure is expected to rise to 27.7 million and 28.7 million in 2024, according to data provided by the DDIY portal.


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The pandemic has transformed the way hundreds of professions and trades work around the world, especially the work dynamics of software developers: their work has never had to be face-to-face since everything happens online; but in the wake of the pandemic, at least 54% of software engineers are more productive working remotely.


This figure joins with the current outsourcing trends: many companies, not having enough internal teams to develop their projects, remotely hire software developers who inject capacity and expertise into their project or platform on which they are working.


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Top technical skills in software developers


Creating new software is an arduous task since many areas are intertwined. That is why it is essential that every software developer has the proper technical tools to work on any kind of project, but also that they have soft skills so that communication flows and their integration into the project is effective.



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Data structure and algorithms


Many experts agree that this skill is essential and indispensable in every software developer.


"Your proficiency in data structures and algorithms is directly related to your problem-solving and coding skills", they detailed in an Interview Kickstart article.


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Cloud Computing


One of the great advantages that the cloud brings to companies is that they save costs, increase scalability and productivity, in a simple and uncomplicated way. For this reason, software developers must have cloud computing skills.


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If the software developer has notions of Azure and AWS, it is a very important plus in his profile. According to developer Javin Paul's blog, if the project is data science, machine learning, or artificial intelligence, knowing or having experience with cloud computing is a must.


Programming languages


Among the programming languages that software developers must master, yes or yes, are Python, JavaScript, Java, HTML/CSS, C++, C#.




It is very valuable for a software developer to know about databases. Among the most popular and used are the Oracle database, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL.


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It is essential that the software developer handle integrated development environments such as Visual Studio Code or Eclipse, also Jupyter Notebook.


These are some of the main skills that every software developer needs to master in order to have a robust profile that allows them to give the maximum in the projects they participate in. And you, as company director, must ensure that your resources handle these tools so that all flows and processes are efficient.


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