Analyzing Magento: What is Magento and why should you use it?

Analyzing Magento: What is Magento and why should you use it?



Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that allows sellers to have more control over their store, they can define the content, design and functionality of their store, it also has a flexible shopping cart system.


This eCommerce solution comes with a professional look, with well-organized information and categories, covering every aspect that could help you build an ideal online store. Magento comes with very detailed content and information. Any category offers many options that are sure to lead to a professional and successful website.


Magento Features

What makes Magento special? This is a software with features similar to other e-commerce platforms, let's see what its main features are:


  • It's free! you can download and install it freely.
  • It is cross-platform, it can run perfectly on Linux, Windows servers and as long as PHP-MySQL is installed.
  • Multi-language.
  • Access to thousands of templates for design customization totally free.
  • It allows to catalog, classify, modify products that you are going to offer in your store.
  • It allows managing the users who manage the administrative portal of the online store.


In this video we want to explain a little about what Magento is and what to take into account when choosing a provider. Within the world of eCommerce, Magento has made its way as a solution with unlimited customization qualities and guaranteed success for those who adopt it.

Why is Magento best for ecommerce website development?

It is one of the best options in the industry as Magento is an open-source platform, which allows an infinite amount of customization depending on the needs of the company.

Is Magento a good way to set up a large e-commerce store?

Yes, due to the flexibility that Magento offers, a large company can create its e-business on this platform without problems and cover all the necessary requirements.

Are there any comparable alternatives to Magento?

Right, one of the most famous alternatives is Shopify. It is a platform with default templates, which makes it very easy to create and configure an e-Commerce.