Nearshore Software Development: The best outsourcing model

Learn about Nearshore Software Development

Globalization has practically erased borders. The Internet and all digital communication tools have brought us closer to each other, being able to be "close" even though we are thousands of kilometers away. Being in different countries or cities has not been an impediment to work in recent years and, in a pandemic, this ability to work remotely was the salvation of millions of companies around the world.


Speaking of remote work, nearshore software development has been the modality chosen by thousands of companies in recent times to carry out their software projects, injecting quality and resources with specific skills, paying what is fair and taking care of the budget.


What is nearshore software development?


Nearshore software outsourcing is a specialization of the much broader phenomenon of IT outsourcing, in which some or all of a company's work is delegated to an external team”, they explained in research entitled “The Importance of Being Nearest: Nearshore Software Outsourcing and Globalization Discourse”, by academics at the University of Cambridge.


When reading the term nearshore software development, it specifically refers to “situations where software development centers are located outside of the subcontractor’s host country, but in the same or similar time zone, and where arrive on a short-haul flight from the subcontractor's site", they added in the document.

How does nearshore software development differ from offshore and onshore outsourcing?

Nearshore outsourcing involves partnering with companies in nearby countries, offshore outsourcing involves distant countries often in different time zones, and onshore outsourcing involves contracting companies within the same country.

What are the benefits of nearshore software development?

The benefits include closer geographical proximity, similar time zones, cultural and language similarities, and often lower costs compared to onshore development.

Why is communication easier in nearshore software development?

Communication is easier due to the minimal time zone differences, cultural and language similarities, which reduce misunderstandings and improve collaboration.