What is Angular? Look at its main features

What is Angular? Look at its main features

The framework for web artisans, is how its experts have defined Angular. Angular stands out for offering the developer a good experience, while giving you several pretty powerful features as an option, such as deep dependency injection, an expressive database abstraction layer, scheduled queues and jobs, integration tests, units, and more.


Angular provides a company with the possibility of having a scalable website with a novel design. For a software company, using this framework has several benefits and uses, among which are: creating forums, business portals, crowdfunding platforms, markets, property listings, etc.


Main features


  • Cross-platform development: create an application in Angular and reuse the code to adapt it to any device.
  • Allows you to control the scalability of applications.
  • It offers templates to create functionalities quickly and simply.
  • With the Component Router, the developer uploads the code to render the view they request.
  • Create native mobile apps with Cordova, Ionic, or NativeScript strategies.


Advantages of Angular


  • Angular allows you to easily pass the data that you want to present in your application. It is not necessary to use third-party libraries to achieve basic functionality since there is only one official library and it is provided by the Angular team, this provides more quality and greater security in the code.
  • Developing a website or application with Angular allows you apps with a high number of useful functions and also offers responsiveness.
  • One feature that sets Angular apart from other frameworks is that there is a suggested way to create a component, service, or module. In practice, this creates consistency throughout the code base and avoids the situation of other developers wondering how something was built.


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Why is Angular better for web development?

Angular is a tool focused on creating solutions focused on the user, on clients, so it is an excellent option if you are thinking of creating a web application. Angular's flexibility in development is also proven, making it an excellent technology if you're about to work on a large or very complex application.


Another feature that makes Angular attractive is that it provides templates that make it easier to build web applications.

Which languages ​​can we use for angular development?

This is what Angular uses:


HTML/CSS: for frontend templates
TypeScript (which is then transpiled to JavaScript during build)

Why is Angular the most preferred framework?

“With Angular, you no longer need to wait for a longer test time. With Angular, you can also perform unit tests and integration tests. This technology features embedded and real-time modules. Both can be used for functional and in-depth testing. Due to all these features, developers prefer AngularJS compared to other frameworks”, they explained at TatvaSoft.