What is Project-Based Model and how can it help your company?

What is Project-Based Model and how can it help your company?



Software outsourcing is one of the strategies that companies are applying today to increase team productivity and carry out their projects faster and with higher quality. We are in a digitized reality, in which users increasingly ask for technological solutions to their problems. And companies have to rise to the occasion, creating digital products for their customers and users.


One of the software outsourcing modalities is the Project-Based Model services. It is a very useful mechanism to develop a project when you have a very clear and defined idea of ​​what you want to create. You deliver your project plan to a technology partner and this team is responsible for developing it from start to finish.


This is one of the services that is on the rise, since it allows companies to develop their projects quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing quality, on the contrary.


How does the Project-Based Model service work?


Before hiring a technology partner, ideally you should be clear about the product or platform you want to develop, the scope and the requirements.


  • The first step to follow when working under the Project-Based Model is to explain to the partner the entire project development plan that you have in mind.
  • You must have defined the scope of this, the stages you want to execute and the delivery date of both the progress and the final product.
  • The team must work according to the planning and deadlines stipulated in the contract, strictly complying with it, avoiding unexpected changes or changes outside of previously defined tasks.


One of the great advantages of the Project-Based Model service is that it provides specialized and experienced resources to companies. Sometimes companies do not have the budget to modernize their teams or train them with new technologies, so hiring an external and specialized team becomes the most attractive option.


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Will you spend more money with Project-Based Model?

Before executing the project, the budget that you are going to invest in it and the time that the development will take are already set, so from the beginning you will know what the expense that you will have to do.

How do I know if I need the Project-Based Model service?

If your business is expanding, it is a good time to hire the Project-Based Model service because it will provide you with the experienced staff you need to boost your projects. This modality also injects speed into software development, which means that you will create your products in less time.

How to find a Project-Based Model team?

Evaluate the profiles of technology partners and ask about their Project-Based Model service. Analyze the projects you have worked on in the past, the clients you have worked with before and from there, determine which is the best option for your company.