What is Managed Teams? A model to outsource your IT project

What is Managed Teams? A model to outsource your IT project

Managed Services


If the IT Staff Augmentation modality is based on hiring temporary staff to join your local team, this changes when we talk about Managed Teams. And it is that it consists of hiring an autonomous team that is in charge of the development of your project from start to finish, following the guidelines of the company that hires them.


Managed Teams execute decision-making more effectively, taking into account all the points of view of the team members. It is a more natural collaboration, in which everyone is focused on the final result.


Among the main advantages that companies find when hiring Managed Teams is their ability to respond to complex project situations, acting quickly and adapting to circumstances. As they are highly trained and experienced professionals, they know how to react to unexpected events that arise in software development.


With a managed team, you can start the development of your software immediately, since the provider has all the necessary profiles to work. These teams have qualified supervision.

When do you need Managed Teams?

You need the Managed Teams service if:


  • You want to develop a project quickly and efficiently, without delays or setbacks. This managed team will focus 100% on creating your product, reporting progress every step of the way.
  • If you are a CTO and you do not have enough time to get involved in the development of a product, you can delegate this responsibility to a managed team, freeing up your schedule and dedicating yourself to more tasks of supervision and strategies.
  • When you need to save costs, working with managed teams helps reduce expenses as this team will handle your entire project, freeing up your core team to focus on more strategic tasks.
What should you evaluate before implementing Managed Teams?
  • Make sure all members work as a team
  • That communication is good, since poor communication can cause the work and the project itself to fail.
  • Check the performance of the team, from time to time monitor the performance of the team, to see if the corresponding tasks are being fulfilled.
What are the benefits of Managed Teams?
  • Productivity
  • Team autonomy and commitment to the tasks performed
  • Agile decision making
  • Focus on the goals set
  • Costs reduction