What is Vue.js? Look at its features

What is Vue.js? Look at its features



Vue.js is a progressive framework created by Evan You in 2013 while working at Google and released in 2014, gaining popularity almost instantly and becoming the favorite of many developers when creating single-page applications.


In addition to being progressive, Vue.js works with JavaScript and works not only for creating single-page applications, but also for designing user interfaces, as well as being used for desktop and mobile applications when combined with the Electron framework. 


One of the most attractive aspects of Vue.js is its small size: the 18 KB that this framework weighs makes it ideal for a quick download and being able to store it on low-memory computers, positively impacting your SEO and UX.


Main features

  • Accessible, start building things in no time if you already have knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Versatile, with an incremental adoption ecosystem that scales between a full-featured library and framework.
  • It is a quick framework to download and install the library, positively impacting SEO and UX.
  • It uses a virtual DOM, improves application performance and page display.
Is Vue.js easy to learn?

Yes, Vue.js is lightweight and easy to learn, also friendly to write, and refers an article from the Monterail portal. “Because of its familiar template syntax and use of components, integrating or migrating existing projects to Vue is faster and smoother. For that reason, Vue.js is ideal for startups, but can also be used in large-scale applications,” they added.

Is Vue.js better than AngularJS?

“Vue JS is lightweight and acts like a little brother in the form of Angular JS. If you want a less complicated framework, Vue JS is a better option than Angular JS, while Angular JS is a preferred way to build complex, but good quality applications. Basically, which one is perfect comes down to the nature of the project and the developer's ability to learn. But Angular JS vs Vue JS, both JavaScript frameworks, can give you the best results for your application development”, they detailed in Educba.

What are the requirements to start learning Vue.js?
  • Familiarity with basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages, terminal/command line knowledge.
  • Good knowledge of npm.
  • A decent knowledge of build tools and how to modify them.
  • Knowledge about the latest JS import and export systems.
  • Some OOP methodologies.
  • Good basic understanding of templates.
  • Solid knowledge of JS.