What is Spring Boot and what does it offer?

What is Spring Boot and what does it offer?



One of the most useful tools for developers is Spring Boot, as it "makes it easy to create standalone, production-grade, Spring-based applications that you can 'just run,'" the company explained on its website.

“While the Spring Framework focuses on providing flexibility, Spring Boot seeks to reduce code length and simplify web application development. By leveraging annotations and repetitive configuration, Spring Boot reduces the time it takes to develop applications. This capability helps you build stand-alone applications with little or no configuration overhead,” explained Bamboo Agile.


Check out Spring Boot features


  • Build Standalone Spring Applications
  • Embed Tomcat, Jetty or Undertow directly (no need to deploy WAR files)
  • Provide stubborn "initial" dependencies to simplify your build configuration
  • Automatically configure Spring and third-party libraries whenever possible
  • Provide production-ready features such as metrics, health checks, and outsourced configuration
  • Absolutely no code generation and no XML configuration requirements


Another positive aspect that attracts developers is that Spring Boot offers extensive documentation on its website, which is very useful when starting to use the tool.

What is the best way to learn Spring Boot?

Before starting to learn Spring Boot, it is best to attend workshops and talks on this tool so that you know the basics.


You can also do the following prior to learning:


  • Learn Java programming
  • Learn the Spring framework
  • Learn about security in Spring
  • Learn about REST API
  • Know about databases
  • Knowledge of microservices
How can I use Spring Boot for any Android application?

You can use Spring Boot to work on the back-end part of an Android app, but when it comes to working on the UI, you have to turn to native Android development or use React Native or Ionic, they commented on Quora.

What is better to use, Spring Boot or Spring MVC?

It all depends on what you want to achieve with your project. Look at the differences between Spring Boot and Spring MVC




  • Spring MVC is a model-, view-, and controller-based framework used to build web applications, Interview Bit explained.
  • Many configurations are required for this framework, some are DispatcherServlet configuration, View Resolver configurations, etc.
  • Productivity is reduced as one needs to understand dependency plugins.


Spring Boot


  • Spring MVC is a framework for developing REST APIs. It is used to create standalone spring web applications.
  • Spring Boot handles configurations automatically with its auto-configuration feature.
  • Since development time is less, productivity increases.