What is Laravel and what is it useful for?

What is Laravel and what is it useful for?

Laravel is an open-source framework whose utility lies in developing web applications and services using one of the most popular languages ​​on the internet: PHP. Laravel's philosophy is quite simple: develop PHP code in an elegant and simplicity-focused way, thus avoiding spaghetti code.


When we say "spaghetti code" we are referring to that which, in its construction, resembles a plate of pasta. It is a derogatory way of naming complex flow structure control programming code, as if it were a bunch of threads, dating back to the 1960s.


One of the intentions of Laravel and its developers is to take advantage of the best of other frameworks, as well as the features of the latest versions of the PHP programming language.


Laravel Features


Laravel is incredibly scalable. Thanks to the scaling-friendly nature of PHP and Laravel's built-in support for fast, distributed caching systems like Redis, scaling out with Laravel is a breeze.


  • Laravel combines the best packages in the PHP ecosystem to offer the most robust and developer-friendly framework available.
  • It allows you to create dynamic websites with an innovative template engine.
  • Laravel's migration process is very secure and error-proof.
  • It has pre-installed libraries and object-oriented libraries.


Laravel's open-source framework is completely free and accessible to any programmer or developer who wants to work with it.


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Why is Laravel good for web development?

“Laravel is an open source framework. It allows the construction of large and complex websites with ease and at no cost. All you need to get started is a text editor and PHP,” they explained on the Wish Desk portal. Laravel also guarantees maximum security for your website. The development of a website is also very fast with this technology.


“The Laravel framework offers many libraries that you can use to start building a website from scratch. The built-in templates, blade, and vue.js provide the opportunity for almost any design solution,” they added.

How do I choose the best Laravel developers?

To choose the best Laravel developer, apply the following:


  • They must have strong technical skills, be highly skilled, and know the different techniques used in web development, they explained at Crest Infotech.
  • Have a good portfolio to be able to take a close look at your experience and which clients you have worked with in the past.
  • Interact with the developer to learn more about their way of being and working, as well as to find out what they are looking for professionally. This will serve to know if it fits your work culture and needs.
  • The Laravel developer must also understand the business requirements.
  • Communication is key so you must have excellent communication skills.
Why do you think Laravel is popular among developers?
  • Laravel offers good documentation, quite complete.
  • It has a strong community that supports itself in times of inconvenience.
  • This technology saves developers a lot of time.
  • The Laravel code base is easy for new developers to understand.
  • It allows developers to focus on business logic.
  • It is the number one PHP framework by a wide margin.