What is IT Staff Augmentation?

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation


Today more than ever, outsourcing services such as IT Staff Augmentation have become very useful solutions for the company, especially when creating new products or improving existing ones. This outsourcing team joins companies to streamline software development, speed up the pace of work, and inject expertise into operations.


It is a way of expanding the horizons of a company: by contracting the Staff Augmentation service, you not only strengthen the base work team, but also raise the quality of the projects by adding highly specialized personnel in different areas of utility and interest for the company. business. It minimizes project development times, being able to carry them out faster without losing efficiency in each of the stages. Also, they are a very flexible external staff, which adjusts to the needs of the company, no matter the day or time.


What is IT Staff Augmentation?


It is about temporarily hiring experienced staff to work on a software project for your company. This external staff joins the core team of your company and is dedicated exclusively to the tasks of the project that you have delegated to them. They can work in person or remotely and you will pay by the hour, only for the work performed.


The company that implements this work strategy does not have any kind of administrative responsibility with this temporary team, as it does with the base team that works under a fixed modality.


Taking these benefits into account, it is more than clear how recommendable it is to consider Staff Augmentation for your company. Its implementation is very simple, not cumbersome at all, and its results are quite high to increase the productivity and quality of any project or business. 

What are the different types of Staff Augmentation?

Basic staffing


Hiring staff to perform basic or standard tasks. You do not need to have special or specific skills.


Skills-Based Staffing


The IT Staff Augmentation service provider offers a team of professionals who are experts in certain areas, with special skills to meet the specific needs of the client.


Experienced staffing


The team is made up of highly experienced professionals, with very important specific abilities and skills to carry out robust and large-scale projects.

How does IT Staff Augmentation help your business?

By having a more numerous and robust work team, also more specialized, the productivity of the company increases considerably. This places it in a better position in such a competitive market, being able to measure itself against the best companies in its field. In addition, the personnel hired via Staff Augmentation usually offer greater and better results, since they are focused on a specific task or project, refers to the Daxx portal. When working with a single client, the team gives its best to achieve the best possible results.


In this collaborative work modality, the company simplifies the hiring of personnel through Staff Augmentation and improves the workflow considerably, without many complications. In other words, administrative tasks are reduced, it is not necessary to invest in a new office and work equipment. You only pay for the work or task carried out, for a certain time, remotely.

Why is software development outsourcing a need?

Outsourcing software development has become the best work solution for companies, because they can get trained professionals from all over the world, without having to take care of the hiring paperwork, since that is done by the supplier.


The geographical space will not be a limitation when it comes to requiring the best-qualified personnel, since through Staff Augmentation you will be able to get the most qualified professionals regardless of the country where the company is located, nor the personnel. In this way, the company's work and projects are enriched by developing them with different talents from around the world.