What is cybersecurity?



Cybersecurity is nothing more than the protection we give our systems to have the least possible risk of digital attacks. Such attacks can cost businesses a great deal as they have to detect the attack, deal with system downtime, and deal with lost revenue.


By having a comprehensive security strategy, based on good practices, artificial intelligence and machine learning, you will be able to have cybersecurity tailored to your business needs.


How does your company benefit?


  • You will be able to keep your company's systems protected against any cyber attack. Your team will be able to work on and navigate systems with the confidence of knowing that their work and information are protected.
  • With cybersecurity strategies, the productivity of the team will increase, since computer viruses and other threats can slow down computers and systems, damaging the information and files with which they work.
  • Cybersecurity also focuses on managing the identity of those who enter the company's systems. They allow the authentication and authorization of legitimate users to work platforms.
  • Improve recovery after a disaster. It is a phase of cybersecurity where the team in charge of it prepares the company's personnel and its systems to continue operating in cases of extreme emergency, while solving possible attacks that can trigger a loss of information or the complete blockage of daily processes. of the organization.

What areas of your company can be protected?


  • Application security
  • Data security
  • Network security
  • We support the recovery of companies when there is a cybersecurity problem
  • We support the training of end users on cybersecurity
What is the difference between cyber attacks and cyber threats?

Both terms are often confused. When we talk about cyberattacks, we refer to those malicious acts that aim to cause damage to data or systems. Data is stolen and the normal functioning of computer systems is interrupted.


But when it comes to cyberthreats, it refers to the possibility of a computer attack occurring, setting off the alarms of a company and organization.

Why is cybersecurity so important for your organizations?

Cybersecurity is completely necessary for a company, nation or person to keep their data and confidential information safe and secure from any type of cyber attack. Its purpose, to summarize it, is to prevent the leaking of confidential information, identity theft and cyber attacks, allowing this to be able to manage the risks to which a company or organization is exposed.

Why should I choose cybersecurity?

The cybersecurity teams will be in charge of keeping the company's anti-attack systems fully updated, protecting themselves from new viruses that appear at all times within the computerized world.