Tools for Automated QA

There are specialized tools to perform an automated QA, the best are:


QMetry Automation Studio


This is one of the most popular tools for this process, it is based on the Eclipse IDE and open source frameworks like Selenium and Appium. It brings structure and reuse to automation processes like no other, which is why it is preferred among those who are dedicated to this task.


Plus, it allows manual QA teams to seamlessly transition to automation with non-scriptable methods. It also eliminates the need to use special tools.




For complex business applications, this is the industry's leading Agile+DevOps continuous automation platform. It offers a business-oriented approach, can test complex business processes, supports agile-plus DevOps testing.


On top of this, it features standalone automated discovery and has integrations for use with additional testing tools.




It is an all-in-one tool for web, desktop and mobile application testing. It can be implemented easily, even for beginners, thanks to its no-code interface it has shareable object repositories and the test report can be customized.


It also has the option of video reporting of the test run, which avoids re-running a test to see what happened. Plus, it can be integrated with tools like Jira, Jenkins, TestRail, Git, Travis CI, and more.

What is the biggest advantage of applying automated QA?

An advantage that automated QA has is that the test process and scripts are reusable, this is helpful for repeated test execution and successive development cycles. Automated tests can also run 24 hours a day.